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Townie by the Grace of My Belly


Thomasville has a unique little bi-weekly periodical aptly titled the “Townie”. It paints the image of small town southern life and charm with a progressive yet observant attitude and grace for tradition mixed with post industrial vision. The appeal of newsprint, for me, appeals in many ways from a historical romantic ideal of old world communication to the tactile feel of newsprint and black ink smeared on your fingertips as you thumb through the pages, to the smell of solvent based, or plant based, inks in a press room. Its all very appealing to me. So when a recent call for contributors went out from the editor, I immediately sent an email to her making a case for why I would be an invaluable choice. I am so honored to be a part of a small home town institution as a food columnist with two others and write about one of my other, many passions. Thank you Jennifer and Wade!

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Digital Gum Bichromate

The gum bichromate is a fairly old process of adding dyes or other pigments to a photograph to recolor the image. I discovered the digital process after seeing images from the process on  a website, a few months ago and started experimenting with different photographs I’d taken since college.

Needless to say this has been a great new artistic outlet for me. Images that have large elements in the composition seem to have the best results in my opinion and using a limited color pallet adds a bit of impressionism. Now I have set out to take photographs of locomotives and rail cars, paying attention to the composition during production rather than spending time cropping the image post production.

I do this mainly so that I can focus on the colors that I choose for the bichromate process. I also look for a large white element in the composition to help create negative space since the color really occupies most of the page.

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