Branding is perception

Perhaps one of the most difficult decisions a business makes revolves around branding. Branding doesn’t necessarily involve creating a logo or the proper use of the company’s identity, although important to perception. It refers to a set of ideals or guidelines that direct many things for the company. Things like the business’s culture both internally and externally. Public perception is a major key to the longevity and success for any business, be it a private entity or a non-profit organization. What are your ideals, what are your goals, would you like your company to build value so that you can sell it or retire?

I’ve been a graphic designer for over eighteen years and when clients ask me to brand or rebrand them, I begin asking them questions, making notes and outlining to them what really is involved in the process. I enjoy learning about a business, what makes the owners get up in the morning to make widgets or develop new ideas. So promoting and telling the business’s story graphically and verbally is very fulfilling and exciting for me.

I bookmarked this article earlier this year for reference when embarking on branding projects. The Art of Branding by Guy Kawasaki.


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